Should I get a cashback or a miles card?

Reader Javier asked recently in the comments on this article: “Keith turned me on to your site on Facebook. I wanted a little direction. I have the Capital one Venture card with 2x per dollar spent. I crunched the numbers for last month and if I switched to the Chase card I would be down about 3200 points/miles. Capital One doesn’t necessarily use the miles redeem system, they just reimburse you for the travel based on the amount of the ticket. How would I be able to utilize your system with Capital One?”Credit Card Question Mark

I started writing a quick reply but it quickly got more involved with examples so I wanted to make this into a more comprehensive post that I could refer people to in the future since this is a common question. This is a long post, but read and digest it slowly because it is an important one. If you don’t want all the details, skip to the bottom to the Conclusion TLDR section.

What is the difference between a cashback card and a miles card? Continue reading

Make 4000 Miles + $16 in 15 minutes this weekend at Staples!

Staples has one offer running this week (through Saturday) and another next week (Starting this Sunday) that you can combine to earn 4000+ Ultimate Rewards points and make $16 too! You would have to fly from New York to Rome to get this many miles but with this method you can get them in just 15 minutes without leaving your home town!  To get the full amount of 4000 points you will need the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Ink Cash card which all give 5X points at office supply stores like Staples. If you use another card such as the US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® (which is the first card of our Easy Quarter Million program) then you will earn 800 miles + $16).  If you don’t have a miles or points earning credit card, maybe today is the day to apply so you can join the party. :) Continue reading

Awesome Deal Alert! 2000 AA Miles plus up to 9 Miles/$ with AA Shopping!

American Airlines Shopping is having two different promotions that when stacked add up to a massive points payday! If you are not familiar with how to make miles via online shopping read our Online Shopping for Miles primer first.

The first offer is good until October 16, 2014 and is a bonus offer when you spend certain amounts on any of the AA Shopping merchants:  AA Shopping 2K Continue reading

Chase Ink Plus bumps bonus to 70,000 points!

The Chase Ink Bold card has long been one of my favorite cards that has made me hundreds of thousands of Ultimate Rewards points. The Chase Ink Plus is its cousin that is a credit card (that allows you to pay over time) instead of a charge card like the Ink Bold (that requires you to pay in full each month). Although you should be paying in full each month with either card to be a responsible cardholder! If you are paying interest you are doing the miles game all wrong! This is a business card so you will need some sort of a small business to apply such as buying and selling things on ebay or a consulting business or anything you do on the side to earn extra money!
Chase Ink Plus 70KThe normal bonus for this card is 50,000 and while there has been a 70,000 in branch offer for a while, the online offer has remained at 50K.  Until now!  Now using our Chase Ink Plus link you can get 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 in the first 3 months. Continue reading

1000 bonus Hyatt Gold Points per booking for using mobile app

Hyatt 1K BonusHyatt is having a promotion from now until the end of the year where you can get 1000 bonus Gold Points per booking by making your reservation using their mobile app.  Free points are always good in my book.  There is no need to register, you just make your booking using the Hyatt mobile app and you will get 1000 bonus points for your eligible stay. Continue reading

IHG Pointbreaks list for 9/30/14-11/30/14 released. Book Fast!

One of the most exciting times for me is once again here: The IHG Pointbreaks list!  This is when IHG drops award redemption prices from 10,000-50,000 points to just 5,000 points a night.  This is the best deal in hotel redemptions and I recently took advantage of 17 free nights with it on my trip to China.  IHG just recently had a special where you could have bought 100K points for just $575.  If you want to see how to book these hotels, check out our primer article on How to Book IHG Pointbreaks Hotels.  This list went live about 2 hours ago so book fast if you see a property you are interested.  You can always cancel the day before arrival and get your points back with no penalties (cancellation penalties may vary so make sure to read the details when you book.) Continue reading

Grab an easy 1000 American miles by pigging out!

If you have read our Make Miles for Meals article, you know just how easy it is to earn miles by just dining out.  Well if you haven’t signed up for the American AAdvantage Dining program then you can get 2000 miles for dining out from a list of selected restaurants and spending $30.  And if you are an existing customer like me then you can get 1000 more miles by spending $40 at a restaurant that you haven’t eaten at before.AAdvantage Dining 1KRead the miles for meals article for full details, but it is really simple:

  1. Sign up for the free program
  2. Register your debit or credit card
  3. Eat and spend the minimum amount and pay for it with your registered miles
  4. Collect Miles!

The bonus requirements will vary but in this case for the 1000 mile existing customer bonus, you have to spend $40 at restaurants you have never tried before with this program.  It is a great way to try someplace new and get miles at the same time!  And in addition to the bonus you will also get 3-5 miles for every dollar that you spend!  What a deal!

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Last day to buy IHG points for $0.0575 each

Intercontinental Hotels Group is currently having a special ending today September 22, 2014 where they are offering a 50 or 100% bonus on points that are purchased from them.  If you have read our recent article on Buying Airline Miles, you know that this isn’t normally a good deal.  However the points in this case are so cheap that it may make sense in some cases.

Continue reading

Why T-Mobile has the best phone plan for travelers

People who read this site know that I don’t leave home without my unlocked iPhone as I mentioned in my 11 Must Have Travel Apps article. When I first went on my 5 month around the world trip in 2011, I was roaming on AT&T and ran up an $800 bill during my first month due to high data usage.  While prices have gone down since then, up until recently it made more sense to get a foreign SIM card from the local area and buy an inexpensive prepaid data package locally.  However with the launch of the T-Mobile Simple Choice plans about a year ago all of this changed.  My current trip to Ibiza, Spain was my first big trip to try out their service but I wanted to report back my experiences. Continue reading

SPG launches More For You Promotion for 4Q2014

SPG 4Q2014Starwood Preferred Guest just announced their new promotion for September 15 to December 31, 2014.  While not as good as the IHG promotion going on, it is still not too bad since any free points are free points!  After you register you get:

  • Double Starpoints on stays of two or more eligible nights
  • Triple Starpoints on eligible stays that include a Friday or Saturday night.

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