Bluebird Card increases daily deposit limit to $2500

This news might help people who have read our article on How to Get Frequent Flyer Miles for paying your Rent or Mortgage.  The free Bluebird card now allows you to load $2500 a day via gift cards with PIN at Walmart Kiosks or Walmart Registers.  Previously, it was $1000 per day.  The monthly load limits of $5000 are still in place. The online methods of loading using a true debit card (Gift cards with PIN capability won’t work) have also been increased from $100 a day to $200 a day.

bluebirdbannerFor people who have rent or mortgage (or other bills such as student loans or car payments) that are over $1000 but under $2500 this will mean you can take just one trip to the mall and then to Walmart.

This also creates a super easy way to make 25,000 miles a month that we will cover in a future article so be on the lookout for it! 🙂

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.

  • Gotbooze93 .

    Hey John my name is Calvin. A friend of mine says he has partied with you in miami and has shown me all that you do. I just recenetly heard that you can no longer buy VRs with a CC at just about anywhere. How can i still get free miles? I just signed up for a Discover it card from your site and want to get that free 62 bucks but i dont know how to get the card from a gas station OR how to load it onto my account. Anyone help would be good. i could send you an email if it would be better.

  • Javier

    Have you tried loading your bluebird account through kiosks other then at Walmart using the Moneypass locator?

    • TravelWithMiles

      As far as I know, it is only the MoneyPass locations inside Walmart where you can load your bluebird (in addition to loading them at Walmart registers). The other Moneypass locations are strictly for ATM access and are not full service machines with reloading capability. You will see what I mean when you see one of the machines in Walmart.

  • DCinVA

    Hi I just ran into this article about the limit of adding fund to Blulebird account via gift card (debit card). Your article said that the limit is now $2,500 a day/$5,000 a month/$200 a day-online. I couldn’t find this information in any Bluebird website. In the FAQ section, they list the limit of adding fund through debit card at $200 a day or $1,000 a month. Did I look at the wrong place? Please adive

    • TravelWithMiles

      Loading using gift cards or your bank debit card with a PIN in Walmart is considered a “Cash Funding” transaction and therefore has the $2500 Daily / $5000 Monthly limits. Your bank debit card with PIN online is considered a “Debit Card” transaction and is limited to $200 / daily and $1000 monthly. I have fixed the article to reflect this. You can’t use gift cards with PIN to load the $200 / day online, only a true debit card. See this section of the Bluebird T&C’s for more details.

      • DCinVA

        Thanks for the reply. To clarify, in order to load $5,000 monthly, I have to use Gift Cards with PIN and do that at Walmart register/kiosk ( 2days, $2,500 per day). Correct?
        Also, I saw your other article about buying a money order from Walmart afer you load git cards to your Blue bird Account. What if after upload my gift cards to Bluebird account, can I just transfer the money back to my linked Savings/Checking account so I don’t have to buy money order and deposit it at the bank? Although, it takes 3-4 business days and I believe there’s a limit of $2,500 transfer per month, but probably more convenient. If I want to d anything more than $2,500 a month, the additional I will have to do it through money order like you described. Is my logic correct? Thanks again! I just found your site and it’s very useful!

        • TravelWithMiles

          Hey there, glad you like the site! Your 2nd sentence is correct, although depending on the size of your gift cards you may have to split the $2500 into multiple loads each day. The Walmart registers will only let you “swipe” 4 times per transaction so if you have the $500 Simon Visa Gift cards you could do one load of $1500 then another one for $1000 for example (on the same day) which would be 3 swipes and then 2 swipes. You SHOULD be able to do 4 swipes but for some reason the cashiers often hit the wrong button for the last swipe for me.
          As far as the other article, you can buy money orders directly without loading them to Bluebird. You would just ask for the money order and then swipe your gift cards with PIN to pay for them. Depositing to Bluebird and then transferring to your bank account would also work if $2500 would be enough for what you are trying to accomplish. Hope this helps!

          • DCinVA

            Thank you. I’ll try that soon. To put it in perspective, this method of using $500 Simon Gift Card is basically buying 500 miles for $2.95 (since maximum $ you can put on Simon Gift Card is $500). If I have United Airlines Mile, a Standard Saver Award domestic round trip ticket requires 25,000 miles domestic round trip ticket, using this method it’s as if I’m paying (25,000/500) x $2.95 = $147.50 for domestic round trip on United which is a good deal. Thanks again!

  • DCinVA

    I went to buy the GC at Pentagon mall in northern Virginia but the Simon person told me that the Visa or Master GCs sold by them are not PIN-enabled, so i didnt buy it. They are also by Metabank with $3.95 fee and no longet by US Banks. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks much!

    • Not surprisingly, the Simon person was wrong. They typically wouldn’t even know what PIN enabled was. I have been meaning to write an article about the change over from US Bank to Metabank but either way, they still work fine (albeit with a $1 higher fee per card). I bought some just yesterday and used them at Walmart with no problems. I have never seen the Mastercards though so I would continue to get Visas to avoid any problems.

    • TravelWithMiles

      I’ve been meaning to do an article about this. Even at $3.95 they are still the best game in town (unless you are buying them at an office supply store with an Ink card and getting 5X bonus points). They still work fine for money orders and Bluebird.

      • DCinVa

        Hi Thanks for the reply. I agree with your thoughts on $3.95. I’m more wondering on the fact that the simon malls person told me that the gift card was not PIN enabled which means that i can’t use it to add fund to my bluebird account. Am i correct?

        • TravelWithMiles

          The Simon Mall Visa gift cards are PIN enabled. The person is wrong. It happens. I just bought some today and loaded them to Bluebird. 100% working.

  • Steve Forman

    It says the daily limit from debit cards is $200 to the bluebird card, but each day after i added $200 it wont allow me to add any more funds from my other account. some error comes up about protective service and call a number.

  • Wayne Tiberius Feuer

    Any updates re-blue bird? I haven’t tried it yet, but I have been reading that it does not accept certain gift cards, or any gift cards anymore.

    • TravelWithMiles

      Bluebird is alive and well. Flying high. Everything still works as it always has.