Membership Rewards 40% British Airways transfer bonus!

American Express Membership rewards has announced a 40% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios through January 31, 2014! This means if you transfer 100,000 Membership Rewards points you will receive 140,000 British Airways Avios.  This is one of the best transfer bonuses for BA Avios I have seen.  I jumped on a 30% transfer bonus to BA right before I cancelled my Amex Gold card and netted a cool 122,000 Avios which I then used for my trip to Mexico and many more trips as well. If you have read our article on When to use American AAdvantage Miles vs British Airways Avios then you know how valuable BA Avios can be!  I use them all the time for domestic and Central American travel and you should too!

Amex Membership Rewards Transfer 5

If you don’t know how to do this then check out our article on How to transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to Airline Miles.  This turns the 40,000 Amex Platinum bonus into a 56,000 Avios bonus and the 25,000 Amex PRG Bonus into a 35,000 Avios bonus.  Both of those bonuses are lower than ones I have seen so now probably isn’t the right time to apply though.  But if you have an Amex card that has membership rewards then now is a great time to transfer some miles to Avios!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.

  • Jill

    why did you cancel your AMEX gold card? I was thinking about cancelling my AMEX gold card and switching to chase sapphire because it is a better travel card. but sometimes AMEX has deals that I’m interested in. Should I switch to the AMEX everyday card? And then also have the chase sapphire? That way I’m no longer paying an annual fee for AMEX travel, yet I still can reap the rewards of being an AMEX cardholder by having the Everyday card. Thanks for your advice.

    • TravelWithMiles

      Hey Jill, I canceled my Amex card because I felt I wasn’t getting enough value from the card to justify the $175 annual fee. I had other cards such as the Chase Sapphire that were better travel cards as you mentioned because of no foreign transaction fees. I was using the Amex mainly for the 3X benefit when I bought airline tickets but that alone wasn’t enough to justify the fee. The Amex offers do make me a considerable amount each year (I still have an AA Amex and the SPG Amex) but not quite enough guaranteed to cover the $175 fee. I might have kept it if it was less. I canceled mine before they had the Everyday card available. I think that is a solid plan to keep your Amex offer benefits active.

      • MissRuby

        You should look into bank of America’s travel rewards card. There’s no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and it’s 0% for at least a year. Not sure what kind of points the chase sapphire card gives you but wouldn’t be a bad idea to compare the two cards. Not to mention Bank of America has affiliate banks all over the world. I just started traveling the last couple of years!