Free Miles and credits from Amex with Costco and California Pizza Kitchen

American Express cards, even though they almost all have an annual fee provide value way beyond the fee cost and this offer is a great example. I personally have two Amex cards, the Business SPG Amex and the Premier Rewards Gold Business Amex and took advantage of these offers on both of them.

American Express has been running a series of promotions called Sync that give you special offers for syncing your American Express card to your Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.  I wrote about how I made $100 during a previous promotion with Dell a few months back.  This offer isn’t quite as good, but it is still free $$ and miles so it was worth my time. The offers are $25 back on a purchase of $100 or more at and $10 back on a purchase of $25 or more at California Pizza Kitchen. This offer also doesn’t require you to connect your social networking to your account which will be important for some.

You will need one of these cards to take advantage of these offers:

The basics

  1. Register online at for both promotions for all of your cards
  2. Buy $100 Gift Card at (must be a member) and $25 gift California Pizza Kitchen in store
  3. Automatically get a $25 credit for the purchase and $10 for the CPK purchase
  4. Liquidate the giftcards by using them or Cardpool

The Details

1. Register online at for both promotions for all of your cards

Go to and log onto your online account.  On the bottom there will be a box labeled My offers that looks like this.

There will be a number of available offers, but the ones from and California Pizza Kitchen are the ones I am focusing on today.

Click on the Get offer button next to it and a screen that looks like this will pop up. Click on Add to Card.

Once you have added both offers, repeat the process for any other Amex cards you have.

2. Buy $100 Gift Card at (must be a member) and $25 gift California Pizza Kitchen in store

Now log onto and select the item from the list on the left that says Gift Cards, Tickets, and Floral and choose the cash cards and gift certificates option.  Add a $100 gift card to your cart and then check out, using your Amex card for payment.  Repeat this process with any other Amex cards you have.

For California Pizza kitchen you will need to physically go into a location near you on their participating locations list and buy a $25 gift card.  Make multiple purchases if you have multiple Amex like I do.

Since I have the SPG Business Amex and the Business Gold Rewards Amex, I will get 90 SPG points and 90 Member Rewards Points ($125 for the purchases – $35 in credits) for these purchases.

3. Automatically get a $25 credit for the purchase and $10 for the CPK purchase.

Almost immediately after you make the purchase, you will get an email from American Express thanking you for your purchase at the merchant, although it did take up to an hour for one of my purchases.

4. Liquidate the giftcards by using them or sell at Cardpool

If you have purchases planned at Costco (and I know $100 is pretty easy for me to spend there once you try a free sample or two) then you can simply use those gift cards.  The same goes for the CPK gift cards if you like the food at California Pizza Kitchen.

If you want to get your cash back, it is still a money maker to sell the gift cards at Cardpool.  As of today, you can get $88 for the $100 Costco gift card and $17.50 for the CPK gift card.  So if you just wanted to sell them and move on, you would make $105.50 for $90 in expense.  Don’t forget that you get 90 miles or points from your purchase too!


This certainly  isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but they can’t all be 264,000 points at once 😉.  Especially if you have multiple Amex cards like I do, you can do several of them at one time and multiply your earnings.  And little deals like these help to offset the annual fees that you pay for the Amex cards.

Today Only, 75,000 Membership Rewards Points with the Gold Business Amex

Update: This offer was good for that day only but I will make another post if it comes back.

I took advantage of this offer back in June as I mentioned in this post.  This offer only comes around a couple of times a year and 75,000 membership reward points is a ton!  Here are the highlights:

  • 75,000 Membership Reward points after you spend $10,000 within the first 4 months
  • No annual fee the first year, then $175
  • 3x Points on Airfare, 2x points on advertising, gas at standalone US gas stations, and shipping, 1x on everything else.

Since I covered a lot of the benefits in the last post, today I am going to show you some examples what you could use these 85,000 membership rewards points for with flights that are available right this second. Note I am using 85K instead of 75K because you will end up with at least 85K once you get the bonus because you also get 1 point per dollar you spend on the $10,000 spending requirements.

By transferring them to British Airways Avios, you and 3 friends could go from Miami to Bogota for a week in September. 80,000 Avios and $431 in taxes (total for all 4!) Or you could book individual trips and take 4 separate trips home to see family or just vacation!

Or how about a trip for you and 4 friends to New Orleans next weekend for some crawfish, osyters, and Bourbon Street Madness for only 75K Avios and $25 total!?

Or maybe Europe is more your thing.  So transfer 60,000 membership rewards points to Delta and book your trip to Paris in September for 60,000 miles + $85 in fees! This is just for you and not your entourage, but if you and your significant other both got this card and bonus then a romantic week in Paris for peanuts could be within your grasp!

These are just a few examples of the great things you can do with the 75,000 point bonus currently offered for today only!  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s Travel! This limited time offer has expired, but check out our Top Credit Cards page for any current offers.

Buy $650 in Dell Gift Cards with your Amex for $500 plus get points too!

One of the things I love is combining different promotions together to make a deal sweeter than it ever was intended to be.  As I have mentioned before, I am plugging away at a $10,000 spend requirement on my 75,000 Point Amex Business Gold Bonus I received a while back.  If you don’t currently have an Amex, check out the Starwood Preferred Guest Amex that currently has a 25,000 SPG Point sign on Bonus. I used 17,000 of my SPG points to save over $1,100 on hotel costs at a music festival in Detroit back in May so they can be very valuable if you use them right.

I am always looking for ways to generate credit card spending, get the miles that that spending generates, and get the cash back in time to pay off the bill. This offer is a perfect example.

Amex is having a twitter / facebook promotion right now where you “sync” your Amex card with your Twitter, FourSquare or Facebook accounts.  Once your card is synced you can sign up for different promotions by tweeting, checking in, or liking pages.  An example of this promo is by tweeting #amexshell they will give you a $5 credit back 5-7 days after you spend $25 at any Shell station (Good deal if you are buying gas anyways.)

The offer we are discussing today is the one described here, a $100 credit after spending $599 or more at (Valid until July 31, 2012).  After tweeting #AmexDell100 and getting a reply that you are registered, you are ready to go.  This by itself would be a good deal since you can use it for $600 in gift cards which you can then resell on Plastic Jungle.  But we can make the deal better by taking an advantage of a coupon code Dell currently has that gives 10% off of the biggest gift card in your order.  So by adding a $500 gift card, a $100 gift card, and a $50 gift card, and then applying coupon code 1VQ$?49HTW9KV9 it gives us $650 in gift cards for $600, which then goes down to $500 after the Amex $100 credit hits. Dell also is offering next day air shipping on the gift cards for free right now so make sure to select that during checkout.

In my case, I will be increasing my spend by $500 towards my bonus requirement and will get 500 membership rewards points that I can transfer to a number of frequent flyer and hotel programs.  The icing on the cake is that Plastic Jungle is now offering up to 88.2% so if you weren’t planning on shopping at Dell any time soon, you could sell your $650 in gift cards for $573.30. If you are a student though or are shopping for one, I would consider using them for this offer where you get an XBox 360 free with the purchase of select PC’s (or a $200 eGift card).

So at the end of the day I will get 500 membership rewards points, $500 in spending to get me closer to my bonus requirements, and a PROFIT of $73.30 all for a little bit of time. Good enough!

Go now! 75,000 Membership Rewards Gold Business Amex, expires June 26

I missed this one back when Amex offered it in November and was kicking myself when I saw other people getting it bumped to 150K later.  This is as good as it gets lately for this particular card (it is normally 50K) and it expires June 26. I know some of you are saying, “Wait this is a business card, and I am just a person.” Luckily, a business can be almost anything, from as simple as selling stuff on eBay to having yard sales so it is easier to qualify than you would think.  I just used my first and last name as the business name, my home address, and my social security number instead of the tax ID (since I am a “sole proprietor” and not a corporation).

This offer has expired, but check our Top Credit Cards page for the latest offer available.

American Express Business Gold Rewards

  • 75,000 Membership Reward points after you spend $10,000 within the first 4 months
  • No annual fee the first year, then $175
  • 3x Points on Airfare, 2x points on advertising, gas at standalone US Stations, and shipping, 1x on everything else.

As long as you can meet the stiff spending requirements (which is easier than it sounds), this is a great deal with the super flexible Membership Rewards points that can be transferred to Delta, Virgin, FlyingBlue (KLM / Airfrance), Iberia, Hawaiian, Singapore Airlines, Aeroplan, Aeromexico, JetBlue, and Alitalia.  And that is just the airlines!  You can also transfer them to hotels such as SPG, Hilton and Priority Club, and even rail points through Amtrak. This card also has the normal Amex goodies such as Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty Protection, and Roadside Assistance.  Something unique to the Business Amex is the OPEN program that among other things automatically credits up to 10% of charges for select merchants which would be useful for a small business such as Fedex, Hertz, and OfficeMax.

There are even more benefits than what I mentioned here which you can review at the application site, but don’t wait, because if history repeats, it might be 6 months until we see it again.