1000 Free Club Carlson Points for Liking them on Facebook


It doesn’t get much easier than this guys.  Club Carlson is the group behind Radisson, Radisson Blu, Park Plaza, Park Inn, and Country Inn and Suites.  They had a number promotions last year that were pretty awesome such as a 50,000 point offer for a one night stay and others.  If you don’t have a Club Carlson account yet, then first sign up for an account at this page. Once you have your account set up, go over to their Facebook page and hit Like!

clubcarlson1000freeEnter your member number and your email twice and hit submit and you will see the points post to your account in 4-6 weeks. After that happens you can always unlike the page if you don’t want them cluttering up your news feed, although there will probably be more free points in the future. Easy, Breezy, Free Points for all!  Enjoy!

Radisson Buy One Get One – Making it Sweeter

After some digging around, I ran across a few ways to make the Radisson Buy One Get One deal from my last article even sweeter!

  1. Sign up for a TopCashBack account and get 8% cash back by signing in to their shopping portal then clicking on their Radisson link before booking (8% good for the next two days only, then it will go back to the normal 5% I believe). I have used them in the past and the cash back is somewhat slow to post, but it eventually arrives.
  2. Sign up for this Club Carlson promotion that gives you between 2000 and 6000 bonus points for nights you stay between October 1 and December 31, 2012
  3. Make sure to book online (which you will using the TopCashBack account from number 1) to get 1000 bonus points for entry level Red Members and 2000 for Silver or Gold members.
  4. Try using the bonus code 30PCTOFF with your reservation in the “Promotional Code” Box  to see if a special 30 percent off the standard rate applies for the Radisson you are thinking about.  But hurry because this offer also expires on October 9.
  5. And always make sure to use a credit card that gives you the highest rate for travel expenses like the 2% the Chase Sapphire Preferred does.

Hat tip to our friends over at Million Mile Secrets for bringing all these tips together.

Radisson is back with another Buy One Get One offer!

On the heels of the excellent Buy One Get One offer a few months back Radisson is back with another great offer. The previous offer was a bit better since it gave you 50,000 points which can be used strategically for multiple nights as I discussed in this post on Club Carlson. This offer is pretty simple.  Book a Radisson Stay in the US, Canada or the Caribbean in the month of October 2012 for a stay before December 31, 2012 and you will get a free night award to be used at any Radisson in the US, Canada, or Caribbean by December 31, 2013.

The obvious way to use this promotion is to book a stay at an inexpensive Radisson such as this Radisson in Orlando (and take a trip to Disney World or Universal while you are there) for $79 or $49+5000 Carlson Points.  Then use your free night for a high rent Radisson such as Radisson Blu St Martin that normally goes for 279 Euro a night ($364!) or the Radisson New York City that normally goes for $389 a night.  So for $79 you can get both a room in Orlando and one in the heart of New York City! Not bad at all!

Radisson Blu St Martin
Radisson Martinique New York City

I plan on taking advantage of this offer and you should too!  But hurry because it is limited to the first 50,000 people who register for it. Even if you are not sure you will have a Radisson stay in the next 3 months it is better to register in case your plans change.  And since you have until the end of next year to use the free night, it gives you plenty of time to plan your trip for a luxury weekend getaway! What are you waiting for, Go Register Now!

100 Easy Free Carlson Points EVERY day until Sept 24

It doesn’t get much easier than this.  No spending required, no credit required.  Club Carlson is the group that manages Radisson and has come up with some great offers in the past like this 50,000 point offer and another 88,000 points here.  Although it does require about 20 seconds every day, if you do it from now until September 24 you will end up with about 4000 points which is almost enough for a free night at one of their level 1 properties (which isn’t all bad, especially out of the US!) You get an entry to a sweepstakes too, but I am just after the 100 points.  I never win that kind of stuff 🙂


Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, then click through their “Vacation Look Book” which should only take 20 seconds or longer if you pause to look at their beautiful properties featured.

3Q 2012 Hotel Promotions overview

I’m going to summarize a great post I read over on Loyalty Traveler with the 3Q 2012 Hotel Pomos that seem like the best values to me or I am trying to take advantage of.

Intercontinental Hotel Group Priority Club Rewards

Club Carlson

I summarized these initially in this post, and then in this post.

  • Buy one night Radisson, get 50,000 points (now down to 15,000)
  • Buy one night Country Inn and Suites, get 44,000 points (now down to 15,000)
  • Buy one Park Inn, get 44,000 points (now down to 15,000)
  • Buy one Park Plaza, get 50,000 points (now down to 15,000)

As you see in the points and miles game, you snooze, you lose! So make sure to check this blog daily or add our RSS Feed to your Google Reader to stay caught up.

Starwood Preferred Guest

You had to register for their current “Nice Choice” promo by June 30, so not going to cover it since it is too late, but I took the get 500 additional Starpoints for each paid Sheraton booking. I am trying to get to Platinum Status with SPG this year so I might take advantage of this offer with a cheap Sheraton stay on some trips if I don’t use cash and points.

Marriott Rewards

One Cat 1-4 hotel night certificate for every two stays, but you had to register by June 30.

Hilton HHonors

Triple Points for Fri-Sun nights, Double Points for Mon-Thurs.  Register now since it is required, but kind of a boring promotion unless you already have status and stays planned.

That’s it for now! I will be sharing my travel and points plans as they come up in my trip planning to give you some ideas of the best way to take advantage of these promotions.

Over 100,000 Club Carlson Points in the bag.

As I mentioned in the Radisson 50,000 Point post and the Carlson 88,000 Point post, Club Carlson is having a great promotion right now that I just took advantage of over the weekend during a trip to Orlando. Here are the results!

As you can see, I stayed at the Radisson-Celebration and the Country Inn-Universal Blvd which were pretty close to each other. I started out by going to TopCashBack and clicking through to Radisson.com.  This gave me 10% cashback on whatever I paid for the rooms.  Once there, I looked for Orlando and found the hotel prices on those dates.  The Radisson Celebration was $89 a night or 5,000 points+$53 and the Country Inn was $84 or 5000 points+$59.  Since I had some points still in my account from the last 50K giveaway, I considered both options.  One way to look at it was I was getting 50,000 points for $89 or 45,000 (the 50,000 for the offer minus the 5,000 for the cash+points option) for $54.  So when I was deciding which to choose, I did a quick calculation of the cost per point for both options. With Radisson it came out $89/50,000=0.178 cents/point or $54/45,000=0.117 cents/point.  The math worked out similarly on the Country Inn stay.  I decided to do the cash and points option to minimize my out of pocket cost and give me the lowest possible cost per point.

The Radisson was quite nice with a resort feel and a beautiful pool with water slides that I unfortunately wasn’t able to take advantage of. Since I have Silver Elite status with Carlson (which I status matched from my Hilton Gold status a while back), when I checked in they upgraded me from the basic room to a sleep number bed room. I didn’t like the bed that much (it felt like a under or overinflated air mattress to me), but a free upgrade is always nice!

The Country Inn was more of a no frills hotel, but it was still fine. The buffet breakfast that was included was top notch though with a waffle maker, juices, eggs etc.   I had noticed while booking that they offered a whirlpool suite there.  When I was checking in, I asked due to my status about a room upgrade to the whirlpool suite and the guy checked and gave it to me!  He mentioned that there was only one whirlpool suite in the whole hotel which was a nice treat.  I think a good way to fish for upgrades is to already have which room you want in mind when you are checking in (by looking at the web site ahead of time) and ask for that room directly rather than taking what they offer.

I still have the Park Inn that I could get another 44,000 points for, but it might be a challenge since the closest one to South Florida is in Texas. But stay tuned! 🙂

Another 88,000 free Carlson points with 2 inexpensive stays.

This is a followup to our entry about the Radisson Free Night Giveaway.  It turns out that Club Carlson (the points program for Radisson) is also doing the free nights giveaway for two of their other brands as well.  The brands are Country Inn and Suites and  Park Inn.  Country Inns are located mainly around the US, while Park Inns are all over the world.  The promotion works pretty much the same as the Radisson Free Night Giveaway which means for your first paid stay between now and July 15 (including cash+points stays), you will get 44,000 Carlson points.  This means if you register for all three promos (which you should do right now because registration is limited) you can get a total of 138,000 Carlson points!  So if you stay 1 night at a Radisson, 1 night at a Country Inn, and 1 night at a Park Inn before July 15th then you will get an extra 50,000 points for the Radisson night, 44,000 for the Country Inn night, and 44,000 for the Park Inn night!  Incredible, right? Plus you will get an additional 1,000 points for booking your reservations online plus the usual 20 points for every dollar spent. If you haven’t signed up for this free promotion yet, then do it now for all 3!

Radisson Free Night Giveaway

Country Inn and Suites Free Night Giveaway

Park Inn Free Night Giveaway

Now what to do with all these points?  I think the best values for redemption are in the low end Category 1 options for 9,000 points and the high end Category 6 options for 50,000 points.  Just for the sake of window shopping, here is some redemptions for 150,000 points that caught my eye.

Start with 5 nights in Taba, Egypt on the Red Sea for 45,000 points

Then head over to Alexandria, Egypt for 5 nights for another 45,000 points

Finally check out the diving at the Raddison El Quseir, Egypt for the final 45,000 points for a total award redemption of 135,000 points.

Those don’t look too bad for Category 1 rewards to me! Using some random dates in September, the lowest rates came to almost $1500 for these redemption.  Not a bad return for around $240 in cost today.

Now if you want to blow all your points in a few days of true luxury, then I would take a look at the Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysees, Paris.

At $356 a night for a random 3 day weekend in September, your total value comes to $1068 for 150,000 points redeemed.  Again, at a cost of $240 or so, this is a great value.

Those are just two examples of ways to get the most value for this promotion, but start at the Club Carlson Redemption Page, and start planning where you want to go! I know I have! Let me know in the comments about any properties that are a particularly good value.

The great 50,000 point Radisson free night offer is back!

Radisson had done this incredible offer back in December and it was one of my favorites.  It is really quite simple.  1) Register for this promo. 2) Stay one night at any Radisson or Radisson Blu hotel around the world between May 15th and July 15th. That’s it!  Back in December the last time this promo ran, I was able to find a Radisson in Nashville, TN for around $66 that netted me 50,000 points in my Club Carlson account! This is enough for 5+ nights at many of their level 1 properties up to 1 night at their top level 6 properties.  You can also get an extra 1,000 points by booking your stay online.  I will probably use these points for hotels on my next Europe trip since the with the Euro exchange rates paying for hotels out of pocket over there is pretty expensive.  What are you waiting for, sign up now!