Another 88,000 free Carlson points with 2 inexpensive stays.

This is a followup to our entry about the Radisson Free Night Giveaway.  It turns out that Club Carlson (the points program for Radisson) is also doing the free nights giveaway for two of their other brands as well.  The brands are Country Inn and Suites and  Park Inn.  Country Inns are located mainly around the US, while Park Inns are all over the world.  The promotion works pretty much the same as the Radisson Free Night Giveaway which means for your first paid stay between now and July 15 (including cash+points stays), you will get 44,000 Carlson points.  This means if you register for all three promos (which you should do right now because registration is limited) you can get a total of 138,000 Carlson points!  So if you stay 1 night at a Radisson, 1 night at a Country Inn, and 1 night at a Park Inn before July 15th then you will get an extra 50,000 points for the Radisson night, 44,000 for the Country Inn night, and 44,000 for the Park Inn night!  Incredible, right? Plus you will get an additional 1,000 points for booking your reservations online plus the usual 20 points for every dollar spent. If you haven’t signed up for this free promotion yet, then do it now for all 3!

Radisson Free Night Giveaway

Country Inn and Suites Free Night Giveaway

Park Inn Free Night Giveaway

Now what to do with all these points?  I think the best values for redemption are in the low end Category 1 options for 9,000 points and the high end Category 6 options for 50,000 points.  Just for the sake of window shopping, here is some redemptions for 150,000 points that caught my eye.

Start with 5 nights in Taba, Egypt on the Red Sea for 45,000 points

Then head over to Alexandria, Egypt for 5 nights for another 45,000 points

Finally check out the diving at the Raddison El Quseir, Egypt for the final 45,000 points for a total award redemption of 135,000 points.

Those don’t look too bad for Category 1 rewards to me! Using some random dates in September, the lowest rates came to almost $1500 for these redemption.  Not a bad return for around $240 in cost today.

Now if you want to blow all your points in a few days of true luxury, then I would take a look at the Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysees, Paris.

At $356 a night for a random 3 day weekend in September, your total value comes to $1068 for 150,000 points redeemed.  Again, at a cost of $240 or so, this is a great value.

Those are just two examples of ways to get the most value for this promotion, but start at the Club Carlson Redemption Page, and start planning where you want to go! I know I have! Let me know in the comments about any properties that are a particularly good value.

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.