189,000 Southwest Points, a SouthWest Companion Pass, and 25,000 Ultimate Reward points from Sears Shopping.

Well, the points I talked about in my previous post about Sears and SouthWest Rewards have posted and things turned out great.  Sears security took a little long to verify my second gift card purchase so I wasn’t able to get quite as many points as projected, and ended up with some Ultimate Reward points instead of all SouthWest points.  When it all was completed I ended up with 189,000 Southwest points, a Southwest Companion Pass and 25,000 Ultimate Reward points from my purchases along with over a million ShopYourWayRewards points since this promo happened to fall during my birthday month (lucky me!) and I am a platinum VIP member.

I used 760,000 points worth ($760) to purchase two more Samsung Galaxy 2 tablets for resale which I combined with a Memorial Day coupon code I had gotten on a receipt for a pack of gum that gave a 25% SYWR points rebate for 2 days only.  This gave me back 182,000 more ShopYourWayRewards points which I will use on a future purchase.

I also received 5,000 SPG points, 4,000 Avios,  and will get an extra 10,000 Avios when the promotion I mentioned in the other article closes on July 31st.  Not too bad for sitting at home clicking buttons!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.