Today Only. Target $100 gift cards for $90

Update 10 PM EST: They just killed the deal so you can’t get the discount on any type of gift cards any more.  I was able to get 28 orders in before they ended it and I hope you got some in too!  $2800 towards my $10,000 spend requirement, an extra $280 in free shopping and 2800 Membership Reward points.  Good enough! You can of course still get the discount of $10 on any $100 worth of items you find on their site until midnight.

This is a great option for anyone who shops at Target regularly or anyone who is trying to meet some high spend requirements like I am for my 75,000 Membership Rewards Amex.  Today until midnight, you can buy a $100 gift card on for $90.  The physical gift cards have a shipping fee of $1.95 plus tax so it is better to get either the egift cards via email or mobile.  Right now, the email cards are sold out, so the mobile ones are the way to go.

You do have to make multiple $100 orders but it looks like once you get them you can combine them into a single larger gift card using the mobile app on your smartphone. You can use the mobile egiftcard in store or online.

Obviously the best use of this is for shopping at Target if you were going to shop there anyhow.  There are other options as well to get your cash back.  One of which is to combine the egift cards then purchase a large physical gift card to (either online or in store).  You can then sell this physical gift card at any of the sites listed on .  Another option is to use the gift cards to purchase or reload an Amex for Target Prepaid Card.  You can then use that prepaid card to get cash back at an ATM or just use it for your day to day spending at basically a 10% discount plus whatever miles you got buying the gift cards.

An example of how this could work is:

  1. Buy 30 $100 gift cards which costs you 30*$90=2700
  2. Combine the mobile gift cards into three 1000 gift cards
  3. Use those gift cards to fund an Amex for Target prepaid Card (they charge $3 per reload)
  4. Take Cash out at an ATM from your prepaid card and use it to pay the bill. You can also use the card as an Amex to cover day to day expenses.

After a small amount of fees you should still have at least $250 in profit and be $3000 closer to meeting your spend requirements.


Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.