1000 Free Priority Club Points for completing a survey

Wow, this is an easy one.  If you don’t have a free Priority Club account yet (and you should if you have read our Getting Started guide), then go open one at priorityclub.com and make sure you are signed up to receive their emails.

Then click on this link to complete the survey.

16 questions, takes about 5 minutes and 1000 Priority Club points will be added to your account in 4-6 weeks.  Easy, Peasy.  That is 1/5 of the amount for a free 5000 point pointsbreaks room, like the one I got in Petra, Jordan when I went there at the Crowne Plaza.

This is some of the easiest points out there, so get to it!  Hat tip to our friends at Loyalty Lobby for the heads up on this offer. Also make sure to get your 100 free Club Carlson Points every day as we told you about in this entry. I know I am!


Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.