100 Free United Miles with Pointshound signup

Pointshound is a new service that awards you miles (from 4-9% of the cost back in miles) whenever you book hotel rooms.  There are many cashback sites such as TopCashBack that give you cash back for hotel bookings, but if you are trying to get premium award seats in business or first class (like I did to Ibiza recently), miles can be more valuable. Even if you don’t ever use the site, this is 100 free miles so sign up now! You can choose from to receive miles from United, Hawaiian air, Delta or Aeromexico. I chose United.

Step 1:

Click here and enter your name, email and a password. Then confirm your email by clicking on the link they send you.

Step 2:

Choose which frequent flyer program you want the free miles to go into in the “My Account section”

Step 3:

Click on My Account again and chose to apply your free 100 miles to the frequent flyer program you just selected by clicking on the assign button.

That’s it!  Bing, Bam, Boom, 100 United miles.  And they say nothing in life is free!  And the next time you have a hotel booking, make sure to compare the cashback at TopCashBack and the miles you could get at Pointshound and see which makes the most sense for you!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.