Ibiza Closing Parties: Ovum Closing at Space, Cafe del Mar and a:rpia:r Closing at Privilege

This article is the sixth in a series on my month long trip to Ibiza for the closing parties and Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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We made a last minute decision to go to the Ovum Closing party after we left the Cocoon After party, and boy am I glad we did! I heard my second favorite set of the trip here from Steve Bug.

Andres and I were repping the 305 for the occasion at the “Other” Space.

Here is a shot of Josh Wink transitioning over to Steve Bug.

This was by far the best set I have ever heard from Steve Bug, funky and surprising at every turn. Here are 4 videos to give you a sample of his style that night.

We also ran into our Russian friend Tatiana who we had met at Amnesia.  Ibiza is a really small town sometimes!

The next day was Andres’ last day so we headed to San Antonio to check out the famous sunset at Cafe Del Mar. 

It really lived up to it’s reputation and was breathtaking.

As we ate our sushi at one of the cafe’s they played this super chill ambient music that was perfect for the situation.

Here is a panorama shot I took of the Cafe del Mar area.

That night we went to a really unique party which was the All Vinyl a:rpia:r at Privilege with Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh and Rhadoo.

Unfortunately my camera and phone died fast, but I got a few pics of Villalobos in action.

Watching the sun rise through the windows was quite a moment.

What a night!  Some of the craziest music I have ever heard after the sun was up, bordering on experimental.  Villalobos truly hears music where others do not.

But all good things must come to an end and Andres had to get back to Rotterdam for school so the next day I would be on my own for a few more days.  But the best parties were yet to come!  The incredible Space Closing and the Circo Loco Closing, both with lineups that were so good they looked fake! But that will be in the next article! 🙂

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.