Merry Christmas! And a Kiva Update.

I wrote a few months back about how you can use Kiva to get miles while helping others so I figured Christmas was the perfect time to give an update. I just got the final set of payments for my $400 worth of Kiva loans with no problems.  I was able to turn $400 in Visa gift cards back into $400 cash with no fees paid over a few months while at the same time helping 8 groups in need from around the world!



Having been to Peru twice before, I have seen first hand some of the poverty that exists there.  It feels great to help others while helping myself reach my travel goals as well.  So if you ended up with gift cards for Christmas that you want to convert to cash, then check out my previous article for how to do it.  And help some people along the way which is definitely in the holiday spirit!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.