300 or 600 Free United Miles for a survey

unitedsurveyI will warn you that this isn’t the easiest miles you will ever get.  It is a comprehensive survey that takes about 20 minutes to complete (20 mins to tell you about my office chair, really?).  But hey, if you have a free 20 minutes you can get a free 300 United miles by clicking on this link.  You will have to sign up, click on the email they send you to verify your email, fill out a profile, and then complete one survey.

300 Miles

If you are a United credit card holder or have premier status with United, then you are eligible to get 600 Miles for the survey by clicking on this link instead.

Enjoy the free miles and I like to think of it as 0.5% of the way to a free Ibiza ticket! 🙂


Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.