Quadruple Dipping at Sears for up to 47% off everything, even sale stuff!

Warning: This is an advanced post, but don’t be scared! Just try to understand it step by step. The savings are worth the trouble!

A unique opportunity has presented itself for the next few days that I wanted to share with you. By combining the following, you can save up 31-45% off every single thing that Sears sells:

  1. Plink is having a sale until August 25, where for every $50 you spend at K-Mart, you get 600 Plink points which can be redeemed for $6 in Amazon.com gift certificates (or others). Sears.com gift card purchases get billed as K-Mart which works for this special.plink kmart I have used this site for the past few months and it has been reliable.
  2. AAdvantage Shopping through August 17, 2013 is offering 9 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent which also works if you order physical gift cards.aadvantage sears
  3. Once you get the gift cards, if you have a Discover It® Card (like the Discover It card we told you about last week), you can go back to Sears using the ShopDiscover Portal and get 10% cashback.discover sears
  4. You can get an additional 1-15% by signing up for sears Shop Your Way Rewards and shopping on the right day.  You can get 1% all the time, but if you are a VIP you can get up to 15% on one day a quarter.Shop Your Way Rewards VIP

For those people who aren’t really into this it might seem a bit confusing so here is an example.

Start at AAdvantageshopping.com and use the credit card you have registered with Plink to buy a $50 physical gift card.  You will get $50*9=450 AAdvantage Miles and 600 Plink points.

Then log into your ShopDiscover account and click back through to Sears to earn 10% on whatever you buy.  Assuming you buy something that is $50, you will get another $5 from Discover.  By putting your shopyourwayrewards number in when you purchase, you will get another 1%-15% depending on your VIP level.

So for every $50 gift card you buy, you will end up with:

  • 450 AAdvantage miles (worth at least $5)
  • 600 Plink points (worth $6)
  • $5 in Discover cashback
  • 1%-15% in ShopYourWayRewards points.

This adds up to 32-47% off anything Sears sells!

So if you wanted to buy a $1000 TV, you could buy twenty $50 gift cards in separate transactions and end up with 9000 AAdvantage miles, $120 worth of Plink Points, $100 in Discover Cashback, and $10-$150 in ShopYourWayRewards points.

Awesome, huh? Act fact though because this perfect storm only lasts until tomorrow.  You can replace Step 2 with the cashback from Discover though until August 25th if you would rather have cash than AAdvantage miles.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions and I will try to answer them!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.