Get paid for getting miles with Plink and Gap. Really!

We talked a bit about Plink in our Quadruple Dipping at Sears article, and there are having another promotion right now that is pretty sweet. Plink is a rewards program that gives you “Plink Points” for making purchases at certain merchants over a certain dollar amount (for example, 250 Plink points for a $25 purchase at 7-11).  You can then redeem those Plink points for a variety of gift certificates such as at a rate of $1 / 100 Plink points. They will email you the Amazon gift certificates right away.

Through Sunday, September 8, 2013 Plink is having a promotion where they double their normal rate of 1200 Plink Points / $100 purchase at The Gap clothing store.

plinkgapThis means you will get 2400 Plink points for every $100 you spend. 2400 Plink points has a value of $24 when redeemed for gift cards.  Here is how the deal would work:

  1. Start with a points earning card such as the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Amex which gives 1 Starpoint / $1 spent.
  2. Go to your local Gap store and make 10 separate purchases of $100 gift cards.
  3. For these purchases you will get 24,000 Plink points which you can redeem for $240 worth of gift cards.
  4. If you “Check In” using the Plink mobile app after your purchase, you will get an additional 5 Plink points per purchase (every bit helps!)
  5. You will now have $1000 in Gap gift cards which you can sell to a site such as ABC Gift Cards for either $810 in a check or $850 if you can use gift cards.abcgiftcardsgap

So for spending $1000, you end up with $240 in gift cards plus an $810 check, and 1000 Starpoints.  That’s a $50 profit for earning 1000 miles (Starpoints in my example)!

What a deal!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.