Awesome Deal Alert! 12-16X Miles at Sears via United Mileageplus Shopping


Sears occasionally has some awesome promotions such as when I made 264,000 Ultimate Rewards points and $1000 with Sears and when I received 189,000 Southwest points and the companion pass via online shopping. This is one of those times!

For today and tomorrow you can get 12 United Miles per $ that you spend on If you have the United Explorer card, the rate goes up to an amazing 16 Miles per $!  Now even though the terms and conditions say gift cards don’t apply, in my experience as long as you order the physical gift cards the miles will still be awarded.  Read this recent post of ours about maximizing sears purchases by quadruple dipping using Plink for bonus points you can redeem for giftcards.

The way to maximize this is to buy the physical gift cards today using a Plink optimized amount of $50 per gift card. Since the gift cards purchased at Sears are issued by KMart (they have the same parent company), you will need to have KMart in your Plink wallet.  By the way I get 100 Plink points (worth $1!) if you sign up for Plink using this link 🙂 so thanks!

So an overview of how this would work if you wanted to get $1000 of gift cards would be.

  • Buy twenty $50 gift cards in separate transactions each time starting at the Mileage Plus Shopping Portal
  • For each purchase, you would get 12X$50 = 600 united miles and 300 Plink points.
  • So if you bought 20 gift cards you would get 12,000 United Miles and 6,000 Plink points (worth $60 in gift cards).
  • This is in addition to whatever miles or points you would get from the credit card you use.
  • Once you get the gift cards you can go back through the shopping portal again and will get more miles when you use the cards for merchandise!

So what to do with the gift cards if you don’t actually need anything from Sears?  What I do is buy and sell tablet PCs.  I can usually buy and sell them for about the same amount.  I have had really good luck with the new Nexus 7 model from Asus.


Read this post for an example of how I bought and sold tablets without losing much and scored a bunch of miles!.  Once you buy and sell enough with Sears you can become a Platinum member in their Shop Your Way Rewards program and get an extra 15% if you buy on the right days.

What to do if you have never done anything before?

If you want to get started here are the steps to take.

  1. Sign up for a free United Mileage Plus frequent flyer account.  This is the account you will get the miles deposited to.
  2. Log into your Mileage Plus Shopping account using the frequent flyer number and PIN you just created.
  3. Sign up for a free Plink account.  Add Sears and KMart to your “wallet” once you have your account set up and download their mobile app.
  4. Then follow the guidance above to get started.  Start with just one $50 purchase if you want so you can see how the process works and buy something you need at Sears (they sell a ton of stuff).  Then next time you will have all the accounts set up so you can swing for the fences and get a ton of miles!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.