Awesome Deal Alert! Get 12 American AAdvantage Miles per $ spent at Sears through October 12.


I guess Sears has opened up their marketing budget because another great offer for miles has come up, this time with American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping Portal. This deal for 12 Miles per dollar through 10/12/13 is pretty much identical to the United one from two days ago so rather than cutting and pasting everything I would suggest you just read that deal for the details.  Here is a summary though if you have never done this before and want to get started earning boatloads of miles!

What to do if you have never done anything with Sears, American Airlines, or Plink before?

If you want to get started here are the steps to take.

  1. Sign up for a free American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer account.  This is the account you will get the miles deposited to.
  2. Log into your AAdvantage Shopping account using the frequent flyer number and password you just created.
  3. Sign up for a free Plink account.  Add Sears and KMart to your “wallet” once you have your account set up and download the mobile Plink app.
  4. Sign up with Shop Your Way Rewards to get an extra 1% back to use at Sears or K-Mart.  This link will sign you up with me as your personal shopper and I will get 1% too!
  5. Click on the Sears link from AAdvantage Shopping which will take you to Sears’ web site.
  6. Start with just one $50 physical gift card purchase if you want so you can see how the process works. Make multiple $50 orders if you want more miles. Make sure to use the credit or debit card you registered with Plink.
  7. When you receive the gift card, go back through AAdvantage Shopping again and buy something you need at Sears (they sell a ton of stuff).
  8. Then next time you will have all the accounts set up so you can swing for the fences and get a ton of miles!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.