Spend $250 online, get 2500 American AAdvantage miles! Up to 6250 Miles at Walgreens.

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Today we have another post from our “No Credit? No Problem!” Series.  These are offers you can get even without a miles earning credit card or good credit.

AAdvantage shopping is having an awesome special right now through December 2, 2013 where if you spend $250 at any of their 1000+ online stores you get a bonus of 2500 American AAdvantage miles.  This is an awesome deal and one you should definitely take advantage of. This is a cumulative total so you can make multiple purchases before the 2nd and still qualify if the total is enough.  As you can see from the above banner, you can also get the bonus miles if you meet smaller thresholds. Spend $75 get 750, Spend $150 get 1500 and Spend $250 get 2500.

My usual advice is to buy Sears physical gift cards for the 3X miles that they are offering, but right now through November 23, there is an even better option.

Walgreens 15XAAdvantage Shopping is offering 15X at Walgreens through November 23 which is pretty awesome when combined with this offer.  This means you can get effectively 25 Miles for every dollar you spend at Walgreens during the period!  So if you can come up with $250 to spend there, you can get 15 for the Walgreens shopping and 10X for the bonus which will give you a massive 6250 Miles! It’s time to stock up on household goods, paper towels, toilet paper, whatever!  There is free shipping on any purchases over $25 so no reason not to order some stuff and get some miles!

And since this is an online shopping deal, you can use your debit card as well as your miles earning card such as your Barclays Arrival Mastercard.  Click here to get started at the AAdvantage Shopping Mall.

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.