AAdvantage shopping gives you another easy 3000 AAdvantage Miles

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Today we have another post from our “No Credit? No Problem!” Series.  These are offers you can get even without a miles earning credit card or good credit.

Making extra miles with online shopping portals is one of our favorite ways to make thousands of miles without flying.  AAdvantage shopping just had a promotion that ended recently for 2500 bonus miles when shopping.  They have just announced another promotion today through December 22, 2013 where you can get 3000 bonus miles for a cumulative $250 in purchases.

AA Shop 3000Since I know everyone will do at least a little holiday shopping, this is a great promo to start with.  You will get 13.3X bonus miles per dollar if you reach the $75 or $150 levels and 12X if you reach the $250 level, which actually makes the $75 and $150 level a little better value.  But 12X is still great and better than the 10X of the last promo so I will be taking advantage of the $250 level to get the maximum 3000 miles.

There aren’t any real standouts right now as far as merchants offering high rates to take advantage of this promo, but my old favorites Sears and KMart are both 3X.  Buying physical gift cards at Sears has still been giving points even though the terms and conditions say otherwise.  The only merchant excluded from this promo is FTD.com which is offering a huge 30X miles per dollar so I understand why they excluded it.

Remember since the offer is cumulative, you can make multiple purchases at any of the hundreds of online stores in the AAdvantage Shopping portal and as long as it totals $250 (usually before tax and shipping) it should work for this promotion.  Bonus miles will post 6-8 weeks after the promotion ends.

If you are still confused about how online shopping portals work, read our article on them here.  So what are you waiting for, go get some Christmas shopping done and make some extra miles.

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.