1000 bonus Hilton points per night with their Weekend Rewards promotion

Hilton WeekendHilton just announced their Weekend Rewards promotion for February 1 to April 30 where you can get 1,000 bonus points for every night you stay plus an additional 5,000 bonus points if you have a weekend stay of two nights or more.  You can get a total of 9,000 bonus HHonors points on top of your usual earnings with this promotion.  Don’t think about it, just sign up now!  Then if you have Hilton stays during the quarter you won’t have to remember to sign up later.  There is also a spot to sign up for the free Hilton HHonors program if you haven’t signed up yet.

Just to show you what these 5000 bonus points for a weekend stay could get you, here is a Doubletree by Hilton located in Goa, India that you can get for 5000 HHonors points per night!Hilton Goa

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.