Earn 1200+ free American AAdvantage Miles with their Facebook game!

This is another article in our No Credit, No Problem series that don’t require any special credit or credit card to earn miles!

American Airlines  is having a great promotion right now for US residents through May 23, 2014 where you can get 1200+ free AAdvantage miles by answering some trivia and doing some other social networking tasks.  It took me about 20 minutes to complete.  Here are the answers to some of the trivia questions for your easy access (hat tip to therewardboss.com for the answers to the questions).

AA Passport

Click here to get started. You must have a Facebook account although you can set one up just for contests like this if you want.

AA Trivia

Q. The new American is the world’s largest airline operating nearly 6,700 flights. How many locations and countries are served?
A. With nearly 6,700 daily flights to more than 330 destinations in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Q. The new American has more hubs and more flight options. What are our combined hubs?
Q. The regional partner carriers for American Airlines and US Airways will eventually fly with a single livery and one name. What will that name be?
A. American Eagle
Q. You just booked a flight operated by US Airways on AA.com. Where can you find information about your travel?
A. aa.com/findyourway
Q. You can earn AAdvantage miles when you fly on which of the following carriers?
A. All the above

US Airways Merger Trivia

Q1:  How does the merger benefit AAdvantage members?  Answer:  All of the above
Q2:  When can I begin earning AAdvantage miles for flying on flights operated by US Airways?  Answer:   Now
Q3:  Can I earn both AAdvantage miles and US Airways Dividend Miles for the same flight?  Answer: No
Q4:  When can I start buying seats for a US Airways flight on aa.com?  Answer: Now
Q5:  Admirals Club members receive reciprocal access to US Airways Clubs. How many clubs does US Airways have?  Answer: 18

New Domestic Route Trivia

Q1:  **Which of the following cities in California can you fly to because of the merger?  Answer: Burbank
Q2:  Which cities in the Northeast are new to the American network because of the merger?  Answer: Manchester, NH
Q3:  Traveling to the Southeast? The merger adds which of these cities to the American network?  Answer:  Hilton Head Island, Mrytle Beach
Q4:  Planning a trip to Florida? Which cities are new to American Airlines because of the merger?  Answer:  Melbourne, Daytona Beach, and Sarasota/Bradenton
Q5:  You can now earn AAdvantage miles for travel to two new cities in the Northwest. Which cities are new?  Answer: Boise and Spokane.

US Airways Shuttle Trivia

Q1:  Through our codeshare with US Airways, you can now earn miles on the US Airways Shuttle, which flies between which East Coast airports?  Answer: Boston Logan (BOS), Washington Reagan (DCA) and New York LaGuardia (LGA)
Q2:  **How often does the US Airways Shuttle depart from Boston Logan (BOS), Washington Reagan (DCA) and New York LaGuardia (LGA) each weekday?  Answer:  Every Hour
Q3:  Which of the following services and benefits are offered on the US Airways Shuttle? Answer:  All of the above
Q4:  In which US Airways Shuttle city can customers reserve Elite Limo service?  Answer: LaGuardia (LGA)
Q5:  Which US Airways Shuttle airport offers semi-private workstations in the gate area?  Answer: Boston

International Network Trivia

Q1:  Starting in 2014, to which city in Asia will American Airlines be flying directly from Dallas/Fort Worth?  Answer:  Hong Kong
Q2:  American Airlines will be flying to which city in Europe which hosted the first Olympic games?  Answer:  Athens
Q3:  Also, you can now travel on US Airways to this city, which is recognized as the Dutch capital by the Constitution of the Netherlands.  Answer:  Amsterdam
Q4:  To how many countries around the globe does American Airlines fly?  Answer: Over 50
Q5:  American’s new 777-300ER aircraft fly to many international destinations. What conveniences can all customers enjoy?  Answer:  All of the above.

OneWorld Alliance Trivia Answers:

Q1:  Answer:  Cathay Pacific / Dragonair
Q2:  Which airlines join the oneworld® alliance on March 31, 2014?  Answer:  TAM and US Airways
Q3:  The oneworld® global network reaches more than ____ countries worldwide.   Answer: 150
Q4:  Which major Gulf carrier is a member of the oneworld® alliance?  Answer: Qatar Airways
Q5:  How does the oneworld® alliance benefit AAdvantage members?    Answer:  All of the above

It is completely free miles, so why not get started now?

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.