Last Minute Southwest Fare Sale. Ends today, June 5!

Southwest Fare SaleSouthwest is having a great fare sale that applies to both points and cash flights.  The flights have to be booked today but the travel has to happen between August 25 and December 17, 2014.  If you have travel planned during those dates the best thing to do may be to book now and then cancel if your plans change.  If you are using points to book, Southwest allows you to cancel up until 15 minutes before your flight and the points will be redeposited to your account with no penalties. If you pay cash for the ticket, they will give you the funds back in a credit that you can use at a future date.

Some example flights you could do are:

Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas over Labor Day for 18,000 Rapid Rewards points


Fort Lauderdale to Reno over Labor Day for Burning Man for 19K points (I think I am going to pick up these tickets and then cancel if I find something better).


Ft. Lauderdale to Long Island Islip for 12K points


So you have about 4 hours left.  It is worth a look to see what might be available.  Also keep in mind that many times the other airlines match the pricing that Southwest puts out so if you are paying cash, then you might look at other airlines if you are trying to get status with a certain airline.

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.