1000 Free Points every day this week with OfficeMax and OfficeDepot and your Ink Bold card!

I love OfficeMax.  Like really, really love it!  They give me so many free miles, it is hard to use them all (but I will find ways like my recent trip to Germany and China).  Back in March, I got paid $9 to get 3000 miles at OfficeMax which I did a bunch of times to end up with 43,000 Ultimate Rewards Points in a week!

This offer isn’t quite as great as that one, but it is still pretty good!  This week, OfficeMax is having a promotion where if you buy $150 in Amex Gift cards, they give you $15 off the cost instantly.  Amex GCOnly the $25, $50, and $100 Amex gift cards work for this promotion.  The best value is to buy two $100 gift cards each with a $5.95 purchase charge.  Once they scan the coupon code from their binder, it will remove $15 from the cost of $105.95X2 which gives a grand total of $196.90. The cards you should buy look like this.

20140609-140908-50948604.jpgIf you have the Chase Ink Bold card that gives you 5X points on office supply stores, this will earn you almost 1000 points for your purchase! You can use any mileage earning card to earn 1X miles, but the Ink Bold is definitely the best way to go if you have it because of the bonus.

Once you have these gift cards you can use them for day to day spending.  They unfortunately don’t have a PIN code so you can’t use them for getting money orders at Walmart. I have found that using these gift cards at the grocery store is one of the best ways because the cash registers are smart enough to automatically determine the balance on the card so you don’t have to say “put $3.98 on this card” etc. You can use them anywhere Amex is accepted though.

If you have multiple OfficeMax stores near you, you should be able to buy $200 per day per store and really rack up the miles.  Even though it says that it is limited to one per household, every store I have been to before has said you can get the deal once per day.  I haven’t verified this yet, but now that the OfficeMax / OfficeDepot merger has closed, I think you should be able to get this at both stores.  In my location there is an OfficeDepot half a mile away from an OfficeMax which would make it convenient to double it up with one trip.  That gives me a potential of 14,000 free miles this week if I just take 15 minutes each day!  What a deal!

Edit: This is confirmed to work at both OfficeMax and OfficeDepot.  So double up if you have two of them close to one another!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.