3000 United Miles for eating food or having drinks! Really! No credit card needed.

IMG_7673This article is another in our No Credit, No Problem series.  These are deals you can get without any special credit card.

People don’t believe me sometimes when I tell them how easy it is to earn miles.  This is another of those situations. No credit card needed.  In fact you don’t even need a debit card.  You can use a prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or Amex.  Even one of the Amex gift cards on special this week at Officemax and OfficeDepot!

If you haven’t read our Make Miles for Meals with Dining Programs article, read it now for an overview on how the system works.  United MileagePlus Dining is having a special right now for people who haven’t signed up yet for the free account.United DiningAs the graphic above says, you can get 500 United miles just for signing up and registering some type of card (it can be credit, debit, or even gift card).  Then you will get 500 more miles for each time you dine out within the first 30 days after registration.  The awesome thing about this offer is there is no minimum spend amount.  So you can pick a restaurant or bar from their huge list and stop in for a drink, put it on the card you registered with the program and get 500 miles even if the drink is just a couple of bucks!

They have a ton of great independent restaurants on the list, such as South Beach favorites such as Rice House of Kebab, Lucky Strike, The Playwright, Groovy’s Pizza, Sushi Siam, Moshi Moshi, Mango’s and many many more!  They have restaurants and bars all over the US so put in your zip code and see what pops up!

The bonus miles are in addition to the miles you get from the program itself which is either 1, 3 or 5 miles for every dollar you spend! United Dining 2If you do the 5 transactions and get the 3000 miles, you will be halfway to a VIP member where you get the top amount of 5 miles per dollar!

You think it can’t get better?  Well it can!  If you do have a rewards card like the US Airways card or the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you get those points too when you use that card!  The Chase Sapphire Preferred gets 2X points on dining expenses so with this program you can end up with 7 miles for every dollar you spend!  Spend $100 on a date and get 700 miles! Miles on top of points on top of miles!

No credit needed, no hassle, all you have to do is eat and drink!  Who doesn’t like to do that!? Awesome!

Click here to sign up for this free program now!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.