1500 US Airways miles for Spending $1? OK.

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Barclays Bank just loves to keep on giving!  I received a 40,000 US Airways Mile sign up bonus after spending just $1 on my US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® a few years ago.US Air Bonus Banner

Since I have been out of town, I haven’t been able to activate a replacement card they sent me.  Well, I guess they really wanted me to activate it because I got this in the mail as well.US Air 1500This is one of the reasons I tell people not to cancel their cards right away after they get the sign up bonus.  Sometimes they will surprise you with little bonus offers during the year that are a great deal.  In this case, I just have to make any purchase, even if it is $1 and I will get 1500 US Airways miles!  And then when I logged onto my account online, I got another offer!US Airways 20 PercentThis means I’ll get 1.2 Miles per dollar for normal purchases and 2.4 miles per dollar for US Airways purchases for the rest of the summer.  Nothing earth shattering, but free miles are free miles!

So US Airways card holders check your email and online because you might have a similar offer.  And if you don’t have this card yet, then why not apply now for 40,000 Miles after spending $1!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.