1000 bonus Hyatt Gold Points per booking for using mobile app

Hyatt 1K BonusHyatt is having a promotion from now until the end of the year where you can get 1000 bonus Gold Points per booking by making your reservation using their mobile app.  Free points are always good in my book.  There is no need to register, you just make your booking using the Hyatt mobile app and you will get 1000 bonus points for your eligible stay.

I might be stacking this with a 2000 point targeted bonus I received for my next stay which means I will get 3000 bonus points for a single stay (which is almost the 5000 needed for a free night at a Category 1 property).  This of course is on top of the 5 points per dollar you get for the hotel spending.

To make it even sweeter if you have a business credit card with OPEN savings like the SPG Business Amex, then you can get a 5% credit back on any Hyatt charges you make (in addition to the 1 SPG Starpoint per dollar you spend.)

So if I stack all of my available promotions for a $150 Hyatt Room when I go to Frankfurt in a week and use my SPG Business Amex then I will get.

  • 1000 gold point Hyatt Mobile Booking Bonus
  • 2000 gold point targeted next booking bonus
  • 750 gold point for hotel spend ($150×5)
  • 150 SPG Points
  • 5% credit back for using SPG Business Amex with OPEN savings

As you can see by stacking different promotions you can do quite well for your hotel stays.

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.