Awesome Deal Alert! 2000 AA Miles plus up to 9 Miles/$ with AA Shopping!

American Airlines Shopping is having two different promotions that when stacked add up to a massive points payday! If you are not familiar with how to make miles via online shopping read our Online Shopping for Miles primer first.

The first offer is good until October 16, 2014 and is a bonus offer when you spend certain amounts on any of the AA Shopping merchants:  AA Shopping 2K

  • 500 Bonus miles if you spend $100-$299
  • 1000 Bonus miles if you spend $300-$499
  • 2000 Bonus miles if you spend $500 or more

They are also running a second promotion with Macy’s ending October 9, 2014 where you can get 9 miles per dollar you spend on anything that they sell! Macys 9XThis means that if you for example bought $500 worth of Macy’s products, you would earn 2000 Miles for the first bonus plus 9X$500 miles for the purchase.  So 2000+4500 = 6500 miles!  This is almost half of the required amount for a one way ticket anywhere in the U.S. and 1/10 of a round trip ticket to Europe!

There are a number of other merchants with high miles earning rates such as 6XMiles / $ for Home Depot and Kohl’s as well.  There are thousands of merchants listed so just find one that works for you and get the extra 2000 bonus miles for your purchases!  You can combine multiple purchases to reach the $500 purchase threshold so you don’t have to spend all the $$ at one time or with one merchant.

Making miles via online shopping is one that has made me hundreds of thousands of miles and should be a part of your arsenal if you want to be a true miles warrior!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.