Make 4000 Miles + $16 in 15 minutes this weekend at Staples!

Staples has one offer running this week (through Saturday) and another next week (Starting this Sunday) that you can combine to earn 4000+ Ultimate Rewards points and make $16 too! You would have to fly from New York to Rome to get this many miles but with this method you can get them in just 15 minutes without leaving your home town!  To get the full amount of 4000 points you will need the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Ink Cash card which all give 5X points at office supply stores like Staples. If you use another card such as the US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® (which is the first card of our Easy Quarter Million program) then you will earn 800 miles + $16).  If you don’t have a miles or points earning credit card, maybe today is the day to apply so you can join the party. 🙂

Offer 1 (Ends Saturday, October 18)

Staples 300 MCSince they only sell $100 ($5.95 fee) and $200 ($6.95 fee) gift cards, the optimal thing to do to minimize your fees per dollar is to buy two $200 cards.  They will look similar to this:$200 US Bank Mastercard Gift CardThis will cost a total of $413.90 and if you use one of the Ink cards you will earn 5X$413.90 = 2069 Ultimate Reward points.  The $20 will be returned to you in the form of a $20 Staples Gift card which will be sent to you via mail.  There is an “Easy Rebate” form that will print when you check out but it is just a matter of entering some codes from the receipt online and you don’t have to mail anything in.

Offer 2 (Starts Sunday October 19, Ends Saturday October 25)

Staples 300 Visa

Same deal applies with this one.  Buy two $200 Visa Gift cards for $413.90 and earn 2069 Ultimate Rewards points.  With this one, the easy rebate gives you a $20 prepaid Visa card which is even better! These Visa gift cards will look similar to this:IMG_7426

What to do with these gift cards?

Easy!  Read our article on How to Load a Bluebird Card at the Walmart Register with a Gift Card and then just do an online bill pay from your Bluebird account to the credit card you used to charge the cards on.

Another method would be to read our article on How to Buy Money Orders with Gift Cards at Walmart and just get an $800 money order that you could deposit into your bank or use to pay off the credit card you used directly.

There you have it!  This whole thing will take maybe 5 mins to buy the cards each time, plus another 10 mins to load them to your Bluebird account and then do the online billpay.  4000 miles in 15 minutes and you make money doing it!  What a deal!

Edit 10/18: I just grabbed my Mastercard gift cards today and it looks like even though you can set the PIN code, you can’t use these at Walmart to reload Bluebird or buy money orders.  The alternative is to use them for day to day spending or use them at places like Kroger to buy Money Orders where they are accepted.  The Visas should work fine at Walmart though.

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Author: John Butler

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