Amex Sync Offer: Free $150 for your AT&T Wireless Bill

Whenever the annual fees come due on my cards (such as the $65 annual fee for my Starwood Preferred Guest Business American Express), I look and see what value I have gotten for the card throughout the membership year and compare it to the fee.  I love Amex Sync offers and have written about them many times in the past.  The latest Amex offer though is a doozy! This one offer will pay almost 3 years worth of annual fees on this card! To take advantage of this offer you will obviously need an American Express card that has this offer available in your online account (my SPG Business Amex did).


As you can see, all you have to do is pay $150 on an AT&T Wireless bill and they will immediately credit $150 back to your account!  This is 100% free money if you have AT&T service and even if you don’t there is a way around it.  Just find a friend with AT&T service and offer to pay $150 on their bill if they pay $150 on yours! Or sweeten the deal if you need to because you really won’t be paying anything!

To find out if you have this offer log into your American Express account then scroll down to the Offers For You section.  Amex Offers for YouIf this offer it listed them make sure you save it to your card. Also take a look at any of the others and see if they are something you can take advantage of!

I am planning on combining this with a new iPhone 6 purchase strategy I might share with you soon. 🙂  ATT Iphone 6 LinkThese offers are limited so make sure you check your card to see if this offer is present and if it is there, accept it quickly before the offer sells out!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.