Amex and Bluebird users! Don’t miss Small Business Saturday November 29

Small Business Saturday 2Every year around this time American Express has a promotion called Small Business Saturday where in an effort to support local small businesses they give away free money!  This year’s offer is a bit different than the last time I participated in 2012, but it is possibly even better than ever! This year Amex cards as well as Bluebird prepaid cards will work.

How it works

  1. Register on this web page with your Amex card number (note that this is on so it is completely safe.)
  2. Find 3 merchants you want to buy from using this map.
  3. On November 29, spend $10 or more at any of these merchants and Amex will instantly credit $10 back to your account which makes it completely free!

Things to consider

  • To maximize this offer you will want to spend as close as possible to $10 including tax, but you can obviously spend more too but $10 is the maximum credit.
  • You can only get the credit once per merchant per card.
  • If you have multiple Amex like I do (One SPG Business Amex, one American Airlines Amex, and one Bluebird card) then you can spend $30 per location and split it up into three transactions of $10 each per card if the merchants system will allow it.
  • If you are using your Bluebird card you will obviously need at least $30 in your Bluebird account so you can make the three $10 charges (plus a little more if you don’t split the payment).

I have used liquor stores and restaurants to qualify before but search around on the list and there are tons of places!  Enjoy your free shopping and reply to this post with what you bought!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.