Earn 50K+ IHG Points with the IHG Set Your Sights Promotion

I am a big IHG fan.  From their awesome PointBreaks rooms for only 5,000 a night to their Big Win Promotions where I earned 132,000 and 101,000 points respectively, IHG keeps giving me so many points I can’t even use them all!  I am going to complete the Into the Nights promotion as well before the end of the year and get 2 free nights at any IHG property in the world!  I have my sights on the Intercontinental Bora Bora. 🙂Intercontinental Bora BoraWell IHG has done it again with another super easy promotion for a lot of people! The earning period from this promotion is from January 1, 2015 – April 30, 2015 so you have a full 4 months to get your stays in.  The way these offers work is simple.  They give you a set of tasks and once you complete each of the tasks you get a certain amount of bonus points.  If you complete almost all or all of the tasks then you get an extra bonus on top!  And this is on top of the bonus points that you normally get for your stays.  These different tasks are “targeted” which means that yours may be different than your buddy based on your IHG hotel usage in the past.  The best way to understand this is to look at an example.

Offer 1:

My friend who recently started staying at IHG after not much history received this offer:Set Your Sights 1As you can see from this offer, there are a couple of easy ones like 500 points for downloading the IHG app.  If my friend is strategic with their stays, they can get all 50,500 bonus points with only 3 inexpensive nights!  For example: You download the IHG app for 500 points.  Then book directly with IHG (going through a shopping portal on your computer of course) one stay at a Holiday Inn midweek and another one for a Friday and Saturday weekend getaway.  And that is it! It will probably cost your $60 for the midweek then about $150 for the weekend stay for a total of $210. You will get the 5,000 for Staying 3 nights, the 5,000 for booking direct, 5,000 for staying a weekend, and 10,000 for staying at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels, PLUS a whopping 25K bonus for completing all 5 offers.  Sweet!  Keep in mind that 50,000 bonus nights is enough for 10 free nights at PointBreaks hotels. 10 free nights + 3 paid nights for $210 is a steal!   I only paid 5,000 points a night at this amazing Intercontinental in Hangzhou, China!intercontinental Hangzhou

Offer 2: My offer

I have had a lot of stays this year and have absolutely killed it on their other promotions this year so mine is a bit more difficult to earn all of the points.Set Your Sights 2

Note that my offer has more conditions such as booking 2 stays with the smartphone app and 2 stays outside of my country of residence.  Luckily I travel enough that I can fit this into my existing plans.  Also note that mine only requires 6 out of 7 tasks to get the bonus points.  So by doing 6 out of 7 (and skipping the Stay More, Earn More) I could earn 53,200 bonus points.  If I book three different weekend trips (Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun) with one of them being the mini-vacation package at a Holiday Inn Vacation property via the mobile app and also apply for the IHG credit card then I would meet all of the requirements except the Stay More, Earn More and score 50K points!  Of course at that point I am in for 6 nights so if I could work 3 more nights in at cheap Holiday Inn Express then I could pick up the final 10K as well. I will probably go for this offer since I have 4 full months to make it happen.


For a lot of people this is going to be some easy points that you can get with just a couple of strategic stays.  Carefully read your conditions and try to make one stay meet multiple offers at once.  Post your offer in the comments and I will help you analyze the best way to attack it with minimal work. Also keep in mind that the IHG Rewards Visa has an 80,000 point sign up bonus after spending 1,000 so that might be an easier offer for everyone if you don’t already have it.  To see what your Set Your Sights offer is click on this link!  If you don’t have an IHG account yet, you can sign up right there!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.