Fly to Iceland for $99 o/w, London for $205

Some pretty incredible fares just popped up from the new Iceland based low cost carrier called WowAir.  This airline is trying to take the Ryan Air / Sprit model to transcontinental flights and at the prices they are running it is worth taking a look!  How about $99 for either Boston or Baltimore to Iceland?

WOW BOS KEF  Or $205 from either to London?  WOW BOS GTWYou could use this as a first leg to go to the closing parties in Ibiza like I have for the last few years!

Things to keep in mind:

  • This airline is a low cost carrier that prices everything a la carte, such as $38 if your carry on luggage is over 11 pounds, $67 for a checked bag up to 44 pounds, and $3-24 for a preassigned seat.
  • The cheapest fares are only available heading from the US to there.  For example, the cheapest fares I found coming back from KEF to BOS was $172 when it cost $99 to get over there.
  • Since this airline isn’t in a major alliance, these flights won’t earn redeemable miles so it would be strictly a price decision.
  • If you combine using one of these flights to get over there and an award ticket to come back, you can do well.
  • Factor in all of the costs you will have to pay (since most people will need a bag over 11 pounds) when you decide if you want to bite on these super low fares.

There is no telling how long these fares will last so if you want to scoop up a dirt cheap flight to see the northern lights, then this might be the way to go!Dramatic Auroras In Iceland

And remember if you pay for this with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card then you will earn 2X miles per dollar since this is a travel expense! To see when thesr fares are available go to and start plugging in dates!  There isn’t an automated way that I have found to show only the cheapest fares.

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Hat Tip to our friends at The Points Guy for finding these fares!

Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.