US Airways American Airlines Merger March 28, 2015

American Airlines sent out an email this morning stating that existing US Airways Dividend Rewards accounts will be merged into the AAdvantage program on March 28.  We previously showed you how to make sure your American and US Airways accounts were linked together which will make sure that the miles get put into the right account. If you have done that you are all set!

Anything else I should do before this happens?

I have been telling everyone that opening a US Airways MasterCard before the merger finalizes is a great idea.  USAirFirst off, the offer is a great one, 50K miles after the first purchase!  Second, this card is eventually going away and is being transitioned into a new American Airlines card.  By getting the US Airways card now, you are still eligible to get the new card too when it is released (along with any bonus that it offers) Third, you can get both the 50K US Airways bonus, the 50K American Platinum Visa bonus (both are part of our Easy Quarter Million program) and once they combine the programs you will have a cool 100K miles all in one account which is enough to go anywhere in the world!

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Author: John Butler

I live in Miami Beach but love travelling all over the world.