Make an extra 2250 AA miles by shopping online!

If you don’t know about the magic of shopping portals and how they can make you tons of miles then check out our article on How to Use Shopping Portals for Mega Miles.

American Airlines Shopping just announced a bonus from now until April 29 for up to 2250 bonus miles on top of your normal shopping earnings.AA Shopping Bonus 2250The first level is 250 miles for $125 spend, and it goes up to 2250 miles for $700 in spending.  The spending thresholds are cumulative which means you can spend the amounts at different merchants throughout the month and still get the bonus.  This represents an extra 2X or 3X on your spending which is great for stuff that you would shop for anyways.

An example:

You buy $300 worth of clothes at Macy’s which is currently paying 6 miles / $1 spent.  You will not only get the 1800 normal miles ($300 * 6) but will also get the 1000 bonus miles for a total of 2800 AA miles on only $300 in spending.  And this of course is on top of whatever miles or points you get for using your credit card such as the 1 Ultimate Rewards point you get for every dollar you spend with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

Shopping online is one of the best ways to turbocharge your miles earning and one that should be part of everyone’s strategy.

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Author: John Butler

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