IHG Pointbreaks are back for stays through 2/28/15!

IHG Pointbreaks are one of the best values in hotel awards at only 5,000 points a night.  I love this program and was able to stay 15 nights free on my recent China trip using Pointbreaks rooms at amazing hotels like this Intercontinental in Hangzhou.intercontinental Hangzhou

IHG just announced which hotels are on the latest list which will become bookable Monday, November 24 at around 8:30 AM EST.  It isn’t a bad list and I picked a few of the properties to highlight here that looked nice to me.  Any of these are available for just 5,000 points a night and if you want to know how to book them read this article we wrote about how to book an IHG Pointbreaks room. But act fast!  The good properties such as the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza hotels sell out of 5000 point rooms within a few hours usually. Continue reading “IHG Pointbreaks are back for stays through 2/28/15!”

How to Book an IHG Pointbreaks 5000 Point Hotel

Since tomorrow is the release of the latest IHG Pointbreaks list of rooms you can book for just 5000 points a night, I wanted to do a quick article about how to book it. This is the best way to use your IHG points by far. This is how I am using the 101,000 IHG points I earned during their last Big Win promotion!  You will obviously need an IHG Rewards account and at least 5,000 points to book a night.  If you don’t have an IHG account yet, why not check out our Getting Started page to sign up for free. Continue reading “How to Book an IHG Pointbreaks 5000 Point Hotel”

Book Fast! 8 Amazing Pointbreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points til 9/30!

IHG Pointbreaks are a list of 5000 point per night hotel awards that they release every other month. There are 167 hotels on the list this time.  They are normally much more per night, sometimes as much as 50,000 points, so 5000 is a steal!   I love IHG Pointbreaks Hotels!  In my eyes this is the best value in hotel award stays.  I stayed 11 nights for free (55,000 points total!) during my April trip to China at incredible hotels like the Intercontinental Hangzhou. intercontinental Hangzhou Continue reading “Book Fast! 8 Amazing Pointbreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points til 9/30!”