Make money AND UR miles with OfficeMax and Chase Ink

Through Saturday, August 29, Officemax is having an unadvertised special where you get a $15 rebate when you buy $300 worth of Visa gift cards.  I made a whopping 24,000 miles during a promotion just like this one around Christmas by driving around to different OM stores.  By buying 3X$200 gift cards you will get an instant $30 discount off the total automatically.  The gift cards each have a $6.95 fee so your total for all $600 in gift cards will just be $590.85 [(3X$206.95) – $30]!  This means you are getting $10 for free!IMG_7426

Hello, free lunch!

But wait… There’s more!  If you use a normal miles earning credit card you will score 591 miles or points, but if you use the Chase Ink Plus card (which gives you 5X points on Office Supply stores like OM) you will take home almost 3,000 of the ultra valuable Ultimate Rewards points.

You can usually do this once per day at every OfficeMax in your local area (if they aren’t sold out of course).  Note this works for the $200 and $100 gift cards but the $200 are a better value since the fee is approximately the same.  Keep in mind that even though they are merged, this promotion is only at OfficeMax stores not Office Depots.  You can also call before you go to make sure they have the $200 Visa’s in stock so you don’t waste a trip.

Make money and miles… Does it get any better?

2000 Easy Ultimate Rewards Points this week from Staples

Now through Saturday. April 25, 2015 if you have an Chase Ink Plus, Ink Bold or Ink Cash card you can pick up an easy 2000 Ultimate Rewards points!  Staples is having a special where if you buy $300 of either their MasterCard or Visa gift cards, they will via easy rebate (this means it is all online and not a mail in rebate) send you a $20 Staples Gift card by mail.

Staples Gift Card promoThe process in easy steps. Continue reading “2000 Easy Ultimate Rewards Points this week from Staples”

Get 24,000 Free Ultimate Rewards Points from OfficeMax!

Edit: This deal actually goes until December 27th so you can get 50,000 miles or more!

Edit 2: I found out today you can do 3X$200 to maximize the discount with $40 off. I have updated the review to reflect this.

I love OfficeMax!  They give me free money and miles all the time like when they gave me 1000 points a day and when they gave me 43,000 Ultimate Rewards points in just one week! This time it is 24,000 free points but it is possible to get even more!

What you need?

  1. A miles or points earning credit or debit card. Any card will work for this deal but the Ink Plus, Ink Cash or Amex Simplycash cards are ideal with their 5X points on Office Supply stores
  2. A Bluebird card (you can get for free at Walmart)
  3. A little free time to stop by OfficeMax every day and then Walmart at the end of the week.

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Should I get a cashback or a miles card?

Reader Javier asked recently in the comments on this article: “Keith turned me on to your site on Facebook. I wanted a little direction. I have the Capital one Venture card with 2x per dollar spent. I crunched the numbers for last month and if I switched to the Chase card I would be down about 3200 points/miles. Capital One doesn’t necessarily use the miles redeem system, they just reimburse you for the travel based on the amount of the ticket. How would I be able to utilize your system with Capital One?”Credit Card Question Mark

I started writing a quick reply but it quickly got more involved with examples so I wanted to make this into a more comprehensive post that I could refer people to in the future since this is a common question. This is a long post, but read and digest it slowly because it is an important one. If you don’t want all the details, skip to the bottom to the Conclusion TLDR section.

What is the difference between a cashback card and a miles card? Continue reading “Should I get a cashback or a miles card?”

Chase Ink Plus bumps bonus to 70,000 points!

Update 10/23/14: The bonus has gone back to the normal amount of 50,000.

The Chase Ink Bold card has long been one of my favorite cards that has made me hundreds of thousands of Ultimate Rewards points. The Chase Ink Plus is its cousin that is a credit card (that allows you to pay over time) instead of a charge card like the Ink Bold (that requires you to pay in full each month). Although you should be paying in full each month with either card to be a responsible cardholder! If you are paying interest you are doing the miles game all wrong! This is a business card so you will need some sort of a small business to apply such as buying and selling things on ebay or a consulting business or anything you do on the side to earn extra money!
Chase Ink Plus 70KThe normal bonus for this card is 50,000 and while there has been a 70,000 in branch offer for a while, the online offer has remained at 50K.  Until now!  Now using our Chase Ink Plus link you can get 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 in the first 3 months. Continue reading “Chase Ink Plus bumps bonus to 70,000 points!”

Book Fast! 8 Amazing Pointbreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points til 9/30!

IHG Pointbreaks are a list of 5000 point per night hotel awards that they release every other month. There are 167 hotels on the list this time.  They are normally much more per night, sometimes as much as 50,000 points, so 5000 is a steal!   I love IHG Pointbreaks Hotels!  In my eyes this is the best value in hotel award stays.  I stayed 11 nights for free (55,000 points total!) during my April trip to China at incredible hotels like the Intercontinental Hangzhou. intercontinental Hangzhou Continue reading “Book Fast! 8 Amazing Pointbreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points til 9/30!”

Chase Ink Plus 70,000 Point offer available in Branch

Chase has made a 70,000 point offer for the Chase Ink Plus business card available in their branches.  As of right now this isn’t available online.  You have to spend $5K in the first 3 months to get the bonus.  This is the credit version of the Chase Ink Bold charge card.  I have made hundreds of thousands of miles from my Chase Ink Bold card with the 5X points bonus it gives you for Office Supply stores.

Thanks Cyin on FT for the pic!
Thanks Cyin on FT for the pic!

This is the best offer I have seen for these cards since they originally came out, so if you were thinking about getting one, then now would be a good time.  Note that you will have to pay the annual fee on this one, but the $95 is worth it for the extra 20K Points over the standard 50K offer.

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