Amex Sync Offer: Free $150 for your AT&T Wireless Bill

Whenever the annual fees come due on my cards (such as the $65 annual fee for my Starwood Preferred Guest Business American Express), I look and see what value I have gotten for the card throughout the membership year and compare it to the fee.  I love Amex Sync offers and have written about them many times in the past.  The latest Amex offer though is a doozy! This one offer will pay almost 3 years worth of annual fees on this card! To take advantage of this offer you will obviously need an American Express card that has this offer available in your online account (my SPG Business Amex did). Continue reading “Amex Sync Offer: Free $150 for your AT&T Wireless Bill”

Get paid $13 for earning 400 miles with Amex and Best Buy!

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I’ve talked about Amex Sync offers in the past and have made money and miles with them several times.  I even recently gave away one of the CPK gift cards that I received with a Sync offer to a lucky Facebook reader.

Best Buy has a current Amex Sync offer for $25 back with a $250 purchase. It is super easy to get.

  1. Register for the Promotion
  2. Buy $250 worth of anything at Best Buy (including gift cards)
  3. $25 credit will automatically post to your Amex account

1. Register for the Promotion

You can register for the promotions within Amex online account (where you pay your bill online), or via Facebook, or via FourSquare, or Via Twitter.  I prefer using Twitter because it is fast and I get an instant tweet back confirming my sign up.  I don’t really use Twitter but set up an account just for promotions like this.  If you haven’t linked your Amex Card to the Sync Program yet then Click on this link and then Click on Sign in with Twitter.Sync TwitterIt will then pop up an authorization screen where it lets you connect your twitter account to your Amex Sync account.  Just put in your Twitter login information here (notice the site is on so you aren’t giving your login info away to some third party site).  Don’t worry if this sounds complicated.  It’s not!Amex Sync AuthOnce you get logged in you link your Amex card to your twitter account.

Once all that is done, you just Tweet #AmexBestBuy and you should get a tweet back as well as an email confirming your signup (or letting you know if there is a problem like they have reached capacity, which happens sometimes).  If you want to use Facebook or Foursquare then follow the directions at this page, but I find Twitter to be the quickest.  Keep in mind if you have multiple Amex cards, you can sync each one with a different method and get multiple sync bonuses.  At that point you are ready for Step 2.

2. Buy $250 worth of anything at Best Buy (including gift cards)

I didn’t need any electronics right now so I decided to go with my favorite thing to buy, gift cards!  They mainly have Best Buy gift cards, but if you look carefully in the same section, they also have Best Buy branded VISA gift cards.  Score! They look like this. Best Buy Gift CardsI bought two of them for $205.95 each for a total of $411.90.  At the cashier I had the cashier put $250 on my Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express, and then the balance on my US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® (I am trying to build up my US Airways miles so I have enough for a fun trip).  So total I will receive 250 SPG points and 162 US Airways miles. I will have paid $411.90 and receive a $25 credit back, for a net profit of $13.10.  Which brings us to the easy part, step 3.

3. $25 credit will automatically post to your Amex account

This part happens really quickly.  More or less immediately after you make the charge, you should get an email thanking you for using your synced card at Best Buy.Amex EmailThe credit should post to your account within one or two days even though it says it can take up to 90.

What now?

Now that you have $400 in Visa gift cards, what to do with them?  You have several different options.  Of course you can just spend them for day to day expenses.  Or you can load them onto your Bluebird card and use them to Pay your rent or Mortgage.  Or you can even get money orders for them from Walmart or Kroger! So many options and all of them are great!  You will need to set the PIN on these Metabank VISA cards before you can use them for this by calling 1-888-524-1283.

I know it doesn’t seem like this is a huge deal.  And it isn’t.  But if you look back at all of the Manufactured Spend posts we have made over the last few weeks, you will see that they really add up over time to a decent chunk of miles!

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Make 1565 UR Points, $35 in gift cards, when you buy $300 in gift cards at Staples. Or more!

Staples is having a promotion this week where if you buy $300 in Mastercard Gift cards, they will mail you a $20 gift card for Staples.

300StaplesGiftcard If you buy a $200 GC for $206.95 and a $100 GC for $105.95, you will have a total cost of $312.90.  If you charge this using your Ink Bold card you will get 5X Ultimate Rewards Points or 1570 points and they will mail you a $20 Staples gift card. This would give you a total of $320 in gift cards and 1570 UR points for a cost of $312.90. If you can’t find the $200 gift cards you can do 3 $100 gift cards for a total cost of $317.85 instead and still make money.

But wait, you can make more with Plink!

Staples is a Plink vendor that is currently offering 300 Plink points (worth $3 in gift cards) for each $60 purchase.

PlinkStaplesSo to maximize the Plink points when they have you rung up, tell the cashier you want to pay with multiple credit cards.  On the first charge, put $60 and use the card you have linked with your Plink account. Then do the same thing 4 more times, putting the final balance on the 5th charge.  So you will have charges of $60, 60, 60, 60, and then $72.90.  This will get you $15 worth of Plink points that you can use for Walmart or Amazon gift cards.  If you check in to Staples as well using the Plink mobile app, you will get another 25 points (5 points for each transaction).

But wait, you can make more with American Express Sync!

American Express currently has a sync promotion for Staples where if you spend $75, they will give you a $25 credit back to your card you use.

amexsyncstaplesSince I have my SPG Business American Express, I can use this card to make this deal even sweeter!  If you are not familiar with the Amex Sync program, check out this article we did on how it works.

So if you have an Ink Bold card as well as a Amex, this is how the deal could work out.

  • Buy a $200 MC GC and a $100 MC GC for $312.90
  • Charge the first $75 on your Amex card after you have registered for the Staples Sync offer.
  • Split the remaining balance into multiple charges on your Ink Bold card of $60, $60, $60, and $57.90.
  • You will end up with 1190 UR points, a $20 staples gift card, $300 in MC GCs, $10.25 in Plink gift cards, and a $25 Amex statement credit for a total cost of $312.90.

Wow!  What a great deal!  But this deal ends today 10/19/2013 so head to Staples now!

Edit:  When I went to Staples to buy the cards, I decided to get two $200 gift cards since I could get another 500 UR points for just another $1 paid.  I also split my payment up $75 on the Amex then made four payments of $60 and one of $98.90.  This will give me $15 in Plink earnings, $400 in gift cards, $25 in Amex Credit, a $20 gift card, 50 SPG points, 1695 UR Points for a cost of $413.90. Not bad!