China: Changsha, Wuhan, and Hefei

This is part 14 of a series on my trip to Austria, Germany and China.

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 As I sat in the rain in my hotel in Zhangjiajie, I looked at my different options on where I could go.  I knew that I had to be in Hangzhou in 3 days for my free pointbreaks nights at the Intercontinental Hangzhou, but I wasn’t sure the best way to get there.  I also knew that I was one Saturday night stay away from picking up 74,000 IHG points in the Big Win promotion. Looking at the rail map, I knew I had to get to the High Speed rail portions as quickly as possible to make the most of my time.  A route from Zhangjiajie to Changsha then high speed rail from Changsha to Wuhan(Wuchang on this map) to Hefei to Hangzhou would do the trick.Since Zhangjiajie is kind of in the middle of nowhere, I had to take a conventional train to Changsha and boy, what a difference in comfort!  They sell all the seats and then sell standing room only as well!  I didn’t realize I bought a standing seat until I guy came and asked me to move!  Luckily that was 4 hours into our 5 hour journey so I only ended up standing for the last hour or 1 Continue reading “China: Changsha, Wuhan, and Hefei”